5 secrets to hiring the right candidate

5 secrets to hiring the right candidate

There are more than a hundred methodologies companies use across the globe to hire their ideal candidate, let’s refine them to the best 5 secrets to hiring that perfect candidate.

  • Believe what you see: You may have the candidates well written resumes, accolades and awards on paper, but do not forget the basics. Non verbal cues are very important to absorb during a hiring process. This gives you a fair idea of the candidate’s attitude, outlook, interests and basic approach. They actually speak louder than the verbal communication. Facial expression, eye contact, and most importantly posture are some forms of non verbal cues.
  • Highly Adaptive: With hundreds of start-up firms mushrooming every year, candidates that need to work in this kind of environment must be highly adaptive. With today’s changing consumer needs and a high competitive market, companies pivot at lightning speed. Asking specific examples from the candidate as to how they were able to grow, shift and evolve in their earlier roles and at the same time adapt to them are very important to ask.
  • Trust your gut: This may sound very clichéd. But many interviewers perhaps are sitting on the fence most of the times deciding who that ideal candidate should be especially for senior management roles. At such situations, its best to go with your gut feel on which candidate is to be hired. Global companies like Goldman Sachs and many others lay a big emphasis on character, they do not really have any assessment centres or numerical tests. Of course, this is no ways indicates that you will get in if you are academically mediocre, Grades do play an important role.

  • Look for someone who has “The Commitment”: Very simply put, no matter how the game is changing these days, if u see a frequent job hopper be mindful before getting him or her on board. You really do not want to hire someone who switches careers or jobs often just to get a higher salary. Getting a person like that can be detrimental for your business.
  • Never Compromise: Finally, if you have a clear idea of the culture of your organization and the dynamics you need within the team do not ever make a compromise while hiring. Chances are that the candidate will not simply align with the company’s motto and result either in a burnout or shoddy performance. As the saying goes “If in Doubt, Do not Hire”

To conclude if you need to get your company into the world class standards, you must never ever think hiring to be a waste of time. It requires the same amount of time and investment like actually running a business.

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