4 ways in which Edgesetter can help your business

4 ways in which Edgesetter can help your business

At Edgesetter, we firmly believe that each organization needs solutions tailored for their specific needs. We not only strive to understand the business you are in, but take a deep dive into the culture you have built for your organization as well as values you bring to bear while dealing with challenges. Regardless of your organizational size and domain of operation, Edgesetter can help you succeed in at least the following ways.

Curated talent acquisition – The cost of recruitment – both in terms of time and effort – has risen over the last few years. A bad recruit costs a company more than just money. Edgesetter helps you reduce these costs while still keeping the turnaround time short by utilizing our unique capability – Curated Talent Acquisition. We filter the candidates based on our deep understanding of your organizational culture, vision, values and business goals alongside the job description and corporate structure. Our experts ensure that you interview only the most promising candidates that have already been screened by us, saving you time and effort when zeroing in on the ideal candidate.

Continuous learning and development – Edgesetter not only helps you spot the best talent, but strives to ensure that you retain them by giving them opportunities to develop through continuous learning. If you are just starting out, our experts will handhold you in setting up a best-in-class Learning & Development center. We also provide customizing training programs tailored to your needs, and specialists that compliment your L&D capabilities.

Reinvigorating HR process – A company’s culture evolves over time, and newer objectives are set to be achieved. Typically, a company’s strategies change to meet the new goals but the HR process stagnate. We help you ensure that your HR department does not suffer such a fate. We assess your current HR processes against the evolving strategy, culture and objectives and measure their effectiveness. Then, we help you put a reinvigorated HR strategy in place and re-engineer your HR processes to realize your long-term vision. With our understanding of best practices across industry leaders and familiarity with best-in-class technology, you can rest assured that the transition would be smooth and seamless.

Outsourced HR – Nobody understands your business better than you do. We understand that you would like to focus on the core of your business, and not be distracted by the enabling functions – especially people related aspects! This is why we step in with end-to-end HR solutions and take away all the pain associated with setting up a cost center. Though we believe that some aspects of HR maybe best handled internally for larger organization. For such scenarios, we collaborate with the internal HR department and develop customized solutions for HR processes deemed fit to be outsourced. We ensure that our team work seamlessly with yours to improve employee engagement and lift the operational burden of HR activities allowing the organization’s leadership to focus on the company’s core activities.