Why should you use video interviews to hire?

Why should you use video interviews to hire?

If you are not already using video interviews as part of your hiring process, you are already behind the curve. Staffing agencies across the country insist that you should be integrating new technologies like big data and mobile technology into your selection process already. But this does not mean that you can skip the video interview step for now. Video interviewing has been around for a while now, and the benefits to hiring companies are well established – you want to take every advantage you can when it comes to recruiting the right talent for the right role.


Access the top talent faster

Top talent is always in demand. They are occupied delivering on their current commitments, and expect your hiring process to be flexible enough to accommodate the time pressure they are under as well. One of the easiest ways to provide them this flexibility is through video interview. This helps you to screen the candidates early and in a non-commmittal way. You get to know each other and can decide if each of you want to pursue each other over the next steps of the process and arrange for a face-to-face meeting. Further, it will be easier to coordinate with your internal interviewers for a video interview – something that can be slotted with their regular work, from their regular workbench.


Cost Saving

Placement agencies surveyed by us claim unanimously that video interviews result in substantial reduction in travel costs. In addition, it also saves on effort lost thanks to making time for face-to-face interview. The cost savings are much higher when international travel is involved.


Access to international talent

The best of the recruitment consultants today talk about a global mismatch of talent, and never of talent shortage. What this means is that there is a talent shortages in some regions of the world and surpluses in others – resulting in business being outsourced to remote locations, both near-shore and offshore. Video interviewing is a efficient way of assessing this remote talent and not just find the best talent for your company but also expand your presence into new geographies, and possibly open new markets for you.


Multimedia enriched experience

Another reason why video interviews should be part of your arsenal is because these can be turned into multimedia enriched experiences that will allow you to review and discuss the candidate’s online portfolio, live work samples, presentations on slide share right alongside the interview discussion. You could also share your own content with the candidate for his/her comments. This allows for a much richer discussion and also lets you assess the candidate’s comfort with operating in the cyberspace.


These are just some of the key benefits to get you started with the video interviewing process. In fact, you would be able to glean even more benefits as you get familiar with the process and develop your own technique for video interviews.

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